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  • Attend board meetings and the annual member meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute all notices, proxies and ballots required for meetings.
  • Take and prepare minutes for the secretary, including agenda, minutes, financials, reports, and proposals.
  • Liaise with Association’s attorney, C.P.A., insurance agent and other professionals.
  • Act to enforce the Association’s governing documents through property inspections.
  • Maintain Association records and provide supervised access to homeowners.
  • Supervise Association’s contractors, validate and review license and insurance.
  • Help develop scope of work and obtain competitive bids for maintenance and projects.
  • Assist homeowners with Association business promptly and responsively.
  • Supervise sale and rental process for all tenants and new owners.
  • Create and implement for all new residents the Association orientation.
  • Maintain rent and lease database and require renewal of lease and approval.
  • Maintain up to date owner database with emergency contact information.


  • Collect all assessments due to the Association and deposit monies in applicable accounts.
  • Send collection letters to all delinquent accounts and post late fees.
  • Prepare and submit delinquent account to Association attorney.
  • Monitor and supervise progress of lien and foreclosure attorney action.
  • Receive, review, verify, and submit for payment all invoices, utilities and contractual services.
  • Prepare checks (with backup data) for Association officer’s signatures if needed.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports.
  • Maintain the integrity of financial records for the Association C.P.A year-end- report and tax returns.
  • Prepare an annual budget for Association review, adjustment and approval.
  • Assist in filing the annual corporate Uniform Business Report with the Florida Secretary of State.
  • Supervise Vendor Activities and coordinate all services.

(Accounting Services is included with Bookkeeping Contract – Separated contract)


  • Monthly Income and Expense documents.
  • Maintenance and expense auditing.
  • Bookkeeping (Upon Request).
  • Monthly tenant deposit reconciliation.
  • Custom lease contract.
  • Filing Proper Notices.
  • Maintenance Services, coordination, and repair.
  • Job completion guarantee.
  • 24/7 call center and online emergency response.
  • Maintenance inspections every 90 days.
  • Property Valuation analysis.
  • Capital expenditure forecasting and analysis.
  • Move in and move out inspection (pictures taken and uploaded into reports).
  • Prompt response to tenant requests.


  • Rental Market Intelligence and Analysis.
  • Strategic asset marketing and advertising plan.
  • Property showings with Licensed Realtor®.
  • Exhaustive tenant screening- cost incurred by tenants.
  • Tenant and community relationship building and management.
  • Rent collection and funds management.
  • Monthly direct deposit of rental income.
  • Tenant acquisition and placement support: cost equal to 1st month’s rent. (Done by a Licensed Realtor®)


Mailing Address

Real One Property Management
PO Box 590035
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33359


3890 West Commercial Boulevard, SUITE 236
Tamarac, Florida 33309

Contact Information

Toll-Free: 866-205-2250
Office: 305-914-2619


To transform the property management industry through commitment to positive change and innovation that redefines the quality and consistency of service that clients can expect from a property manager.


To provide top quality professional service and support to a wide range of residential real estate owners and investors in an effort to help the many individual communities to find a better places to live.


WORK hard for our clients.
DELIVER the services they need.
LOOK ahead to assess, evaluate and educate our clients.
SUPPORT our property managers and staff during the daily tasks.
ENCOURAGE client feedback on ways we can better meet their needs.